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Bold Progressive Change

California is leading the political revolution that is sweeping across the country. We understand that our economic system is producing historic wealth and income inequality, benefiting giant corporations at the expense of everyday working people. We know that our political system is being corrupted by big money donors and special interests who bankroll most of our politicians’ campaigns.

With Trump and the Republicans threatening nuclear war and environmental destruction, shredding our social safety net, ripping immigrant families apart, and undermining the pillars of our democracy, we must do all we can to resist Washington and stand strong as Californians. But resistance is not enough. We need to advance a bold progressive agenda that puts people and planet first – and we need to do it now.

We launched this grassroots, people-powered campaign for Assembly in order to fight for real change on the issues that matter. In California, almost 3 million people don’t have any kind of healthcare coverage; our average college graduate finishes school with over $20,000 in student debt; a quarter of the country’s homeless population lives within our borders; and as the nation’s third largest oil producer, we continue to pump massive amounts of climate-disrupting carbon into our atmosphere.

We can do so much better. We can have a fair economy, where people who work full time can take care of themselves and their families while also participating in their communities. We can have a vibrant democracy, where all our people have an equal vote and an equal voice. We can have a Democratic Party that lives up to its name and fights for the common good. We can have a society where all people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings.

All of this is possible, but only if we come together to make our voices heard. The people of Marin and Sonoma deserve a state representative who works for We the People. We deserve representation that reflects our progressive values. We invite you to join us and support Dan Monte for California Assembly.

Vote June 5 and November 6. Click here to get involved.

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Health Care for All-Marin
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Jill Ryan
Marian Warren
Jeannine Ratti
Meg Brizzolara
Jessica Hollinger
Dr Bill Honigman
Jonathan Frieman
Cynthia Kinavey
Ben Boyce
Laureen Macpherson
Bonnie Monte
Brian Stompe
Emma Monte
JoAnn Hastings
Sherry Reson
Dale Axelrod
Kevin Comaskey
Russ Greenfield
Susan Lamont
Hillary Monte
Pat Kunstenaar
Stan Gold
Andrea Taylor
Joe Monte
David Rust
Laureen Macpherson
Diana King
Barb Ryan
Lynne Wasley
Greg Brockbank
Pat Soberanis
Norman Solomon
Kaidrea Stockman
Anna Rogers
Larry Rose M.D.
Angelo Douvos
Connie Siegenthaler
Lorrie Norby
Curt Ries
Don Carney
Ellen Karel
Ruth Carter
Colleen Rose
Eric Schilling
Dale Sorensen
Bill Rothman
Joan Wlodaver
Margaret Koren
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Dan Monte for California State Assembly 2018 
PO BOX 689, San Anselmo, CA 94979

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