“I just have to say how grateful I am to Dan for doing this. He has the heart, brain, and courage we need in our state legislators. He leads with his values, which means being willing to face entrenched political and corporate power to achieve guaranteed health care for all. All over the country, people who want real change are running and getting elected! I’d love to see that here.”
 -Ellen Karel, Chair of Healthcare for All Marin
“Dan is a straight shooter. He doesn’t like to muck around with a lot of talk. He just wants to let you know that he’s there to do the work and to get things done.” 
 -Andrea Taylor, Environmental Forum of Marin
"We also really like what we are hearing from Dan Monte, who is running for State Assembly; He is a supporter of public education and hasn't taken a dime from the CCSA, unlike his competitor!"
-STAND with Ross Valley Schools
"I will be voting for Dan Monte, who has experience outside the Democratic Party establishment... and wants to build more housing while keeping Sonoma and Marin counties environmentally conscious places to live. He has [a] firm plan to push the Assembly to tackle the abominable healthcare system and reform our multi-payer mess of a “system.” He is also in favor of more funding for [public] schools and tuition-free college, so I hope you will join me in voting for Dan Monte and seeing what we can accomplish in Sacramento!"
 -Caitlin Quinn, Petaluma
"I want to be added to your list of individuals endorsements.  My name will have name recognition among a significant number of voters in the Petaluma area. I have been a member of the Petaluma Wheelman Cycle Club (300+members) since it started (2005), and the Santa Rosa Cycle club (2000-2005) before. In addition I am a past member of the Petaluma Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory  Committee 2001-2009 appointed by City Council, past 2 term elected member of the Board of Directors, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, 3 terms past member of the Sonoma County Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee appointed by District 3 Supervisors Mike Kerns and David Rabbitt 2002-2009. As a retired public school teacher, I am also known by some of the area educators and past and present students. I have been an active member of the South Sonoma Democrats Club for the past 5 years and disagree with the party rules for automatically endorsing incumbents. Marc Levine does not deserve to be endorsed. At age 82 I think I have earned a reputation as a volunteer community service public citizen and respected elder... [I'm] glad you are running and want to do what I can to help you get elected."
-Bernie Album, Petaluma